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Here?s What To Look For In An Online Degree Program For Single Moms

More than 80% of all single parent households are headed by single moms, according to the US Census Bureau. Very often, it is women who face the severe financial burdens that are associated with a single parent household. Getting a good education is a viable option to improve the financial situation in the scenario.

This may mean that you need to get a college degree, but with child care and limited support to pursue your studies, it can seem daunting. An online degree is an excellent option for single moms to further their education without having to compromise on other commitments.

Advantages of an online education

The single biggest advantage of attending an online education program is that it is significantly more flexible than a traditional college program. Attend classes online and you will have the flexibility to complete the coursework on your schedule. This means that you be able to take care of your children as you normally do, and then study when they are in school, taking a nap, or visiting their friends.

You have a wide range of choices in terms of online colleges and programs because you are no longer limited by the consideration of how far the college is from your home. Many online programs are also considerably more affordable than their corresponding traditional on-campus programs. Online programs are so convenient and affordable that many regular students are considering it, and it is especially helpful for single parents and older students who may also have to juggle other responsibilities while continuing their studies.

Choose the right career path

Before you even start looking for an online college, think about the career that you would like to pursue. Positions in the healthcare industry such as nurses, physical therapist, sonographic, and lab technicians are in high demand. There are also IT courses for those who are interested in computers. If you love kids and enjoy the learning process, you may also enjoy being a teacher. There are many online education degrees that you can pursue that will lead you to a career in teaching, school administration etc. Counseling is an especially rewarding career option that will allow you to guide students through their emotional, personal, and future career development. There are many online school counseling programs that you can pursue if this is of interest.

Choose the right school

Another important step is choosing the right school to join. Do an initial research and once you have shortlisted a few schools, check which ones are the most reputable. You can check the online rankings that are released by college review websites every year. Look for nationally recognized colleges as much as possible. Make sure that the college that you choose is fully accredited by the Department of Education and Council for Higher Education.

Choose an affordable program

Pick a program that you can afford. Also check for scholarships, grants, and low interest loans that are specifically aimed at students. To seek financial aid, first fill out the free FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. After completing FAFSA, you may also look for other scholarships that you might be eligible to receive. There are also many private scholarships and grants available to students who meet specific criteria.

Consider the above points before you choose an online program. A program that allows flexibility and one you can afford can be a step in the right direction to increase your household income and improve your life.

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