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Category: Financial Resources

As a single parent, the thought of eventually helping Jefferson pay for college (my goal) gives me anxiety. I know that unless I win the lottery between then and now, that we’re going to need to apply for some sort of Financial Aid. Below are the resources I’ve been consulting on financial aid, and on planning for the future to help your child through college financially.

Private School Financial Aid

We all want to provide our children with the best education that money can buy. Unfortunately, the money part of that equation can be a struggle. Many private schools for elementary, middle and high school offer aid of some kind, but it can be difficult to understand who is eligible for funding and how to go about investigating it. If you are looking for resources that help streamline this process, […]

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Saving & Paying for College

Because of high tuition rates, many college graduates often worry about how they will be able to pay back their student loans. This can be a daunting experience for both the graduates and their parents. The last thing we as parents want is our child’s accomplishment of attaining a degree to be overshadowed by the financial burden that are student loans. If you want to be proactive and establish a […]

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College Financial Aid

College is so beneficial to our children. It provides them with the higher education needed to secure a job in this oh so tough job market, but unfortunately those degrees don’t come cheap. Many schools offer financial aid, but it can often be hard to navigate and understand if you qualify. I believe that these sites break down this otherwise confusing process, so you and your child can work together […]

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