education for jefferson

so that other single moms can help discover good education options.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools seem to be the latest trend in education. They are seen as the most innovative form of education, and enrollment rates have skyrocketed in recent years. If you are questioning if a charter school is a good option for your child, I would highly recommend checking out these sites. Frequently Asked Questions about Public, Charter Schools Charter Schools vs. Public Schools

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Public vs. Private

There is often a belief that private schools are inherently better than public schools. Whether that be because people think they have greater access to funding, employ better teachers, or a multitude of other reasons, it just seems to be the way things are. If you are trying to choose between a public or private school for your son or daughter, check out these 2 sites. They might surprise you! […]

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Finding A School Resources

Every school is different, and it can be hard to determine what truly makes a “good” school. When I was researching schools for Jefferson, I did a ton of research on what the best school in our district was! These sites were the most helpful and led me to choose a school that makes Jefferson (and me!) extremely happy. Parents Should Look for These 3 Things in a Great School […]

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Homeschooling Resources

Choosing the best schooling option for your son or daughter can feel like a daunting decision. At the end of the day, we all want our children to receive the best education that is tailored to their learning style and will help them succeed in life. If you are considering home schooling your child, I think these sites will be of great help- they were for me! 10 Points to […]

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